RED’s objective is to help create a team mindset among all types of organizations and law enforcement agencies when an Active Shooter or terrorist threat is imminent or happening at any location. Our philosophy of teamwork and training attempts to phase out the individual mindset and bring all the members of the law enforcement and private community together as one, to prepare for, and respond to an Active Shooter incident.  

Our exercise program employs a combination of tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises with capability specific exercise evaluation guidelines to validate tasks and procedures for law enforcement. The law enforcement exercise program encompasses the following:

-Table top exercises, functional 
exercises and full-scale exercises to include plan, design, development and execution.

-Participants employ their plans and special work equipment as well as mobile EOCs and communication equipment

-Civil disturbances, WMD attacks, mass casualty with moulage victims, integrating fire and EMS

-Decontamination of patients/casualties

-Lessons Learned and After Action Report generation aiming at capabilities improvement